Color Enhancing Shampoos

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21 Results
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With the right shampoo, you can bring out the best in your horse's coat. Color enhancing shampoos are a wonderful way to bring out the highlights and shine in your horse, while efficiently removing stains and dirt. Whether your horse is a sunbleached bay, dull chestnut, or dingy grey, we have a shampoo that will transform your horse's coat into a showstopping work of art.

Many equestrians with grey horses or horses with a lot of white, like pintos, are familiar with whitening shampoos. These tinted shampoos, often blue or purple in color, counteract green stains from grass or manure. Fiebing's Blue Frost Whitening Shampoo & Conditioner brightens socks while removing buildup from your horse's skin and coat. With no bleach or heavy chemicals, Quic Silver Color Intensifying Shampoo is popular among many horse owners, and it is available in a large size which offers a tremendous value if you are constantly scrubbing your horse's white coat. For those pesky yellow tails, nothing compares to the Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout, which counteracts staining.

We also carry shampoos that are specifically formulated to enhance your horse's specific color. The Shapley's EquiTone Color Enhancing Shampoo deposits rich, brilliant color to enrich the natural coat vitality of your black, bay, chestnut, or palomino horse. Espree Dark Coat Equine Shampoo harnesses the power of aloe vera to return your horse's sunbleached coat to a healthy, shiny condition.

Whether you are headed to a horse show or just want your horse to look his best, color enhancing shampoo are a fabulous way to clean your horse while bringing out the very best in their natural beauty. Our experienced sales staff are always available to answer any questions that you may have about our products.