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48 Results
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Keep your dog’s digestive tract functioning at an optimal level with the introduction of a digestive supplement into their diet. From loose stools and diarrhea to vomiting and trouble defecating/constipation, digestive issues can wreak havoc on your dog. Dogs simply just can’t express in verbal language when they have a tummy ache! We carry a wide range of canine digestive aids from your favorite pet health companies, including Durvet, CARNA4, Nutramax Laboratories (the makers of Cosequin), Tomlyn Veterinary Science, and Honest Kitchen.

Our selection of digestive aids in a variety of forms that your dog will love, such as pastes, powders, broths, pills, capsules, dog food toppers. Many of these canine digestive formulas include probiotics, which are live organisms that aid in digestion. These microorganisms naturally live in the intestines of both humans and dogs, but, due to many factors, their populations may be limited. Feeding probiotics is especially important if your dog is on or has gone through a course of antibiotics. There are many sources of probiotics, including goat’s milk, kefir, and other fermented dairy products, all of which support your dog’s intestinal flora.

Pumpkin is a popular ingredient in dog digestive supplements. Pumpkin contains soluble and insoluble fiber which keeps foodstuff moving through the digestive tract, additionally many pups enjoy the flavor. You can learn more about pumpkin on our blog post, Nutritional Benefits of Pumpkin for Pets.

Additionally, we also carry a multitude of products that support your dog’s urinary tract. Cranberries and cranberries extract are frequently seen in these products because they contain proanthocyanidins (PACs) which support the health of the bladder and kidneys, while also limiting the occurrence of incontinence or urinary tract infections.

A healthy digestive system is essential for the overall wellness of your dog. Consider adding a digestive support supplement to their diet, even before any potential problems occur.