Splint Boots

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14 Results

Protecting the inside of your horse's delicate legs, splint boots (also known as brushing boots) are popular among equestrians for light riding, groundwork, and turnout. Equestrians of all disciplines use these highly versatile horse boots. Splint boots protect your horse's legs from interference, and they are named because the padding extends high on the cannon bone and may prevent horses from popping splints.

We carry a selection of splint boots from your favorite equine brands including Back on Track, Professional's Choice, Toklat, and Woof Wear. Utilizing hook and loop straps, they are highly adjustable and fit a wide variety of horses. We even have small splint boots that fit miniature horses and small ponies, and large splint boots sized just for draft horses.

If you ride on the trails, especially during hunting season, or if you frequently ride on the roads, bright orange and reflective accessories ensure that you are visible to those around you. Stay safe with the Horze Reflective Splint Boots.

You may be asking, "Should my horse wear splint boots?" Refer to our blog post, Horse Boots & Wraps, to learn more about the various equine legwear options. If you have any questions about sizing or would like assistance making your splint boot purchase, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of hands-on horse experience.