Men's Merino Wool

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29 Results
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Spending time outdoors during the winter months is an enjoyable way to stay active. Whether you are shoveling snow and performing barn chores or snowshoeing and snowmobiling, we carry an extensive selection of winter wear to keep you cozy whatever the weather may be. Hailing from New England, we know a thing or two about frigid temperatures at The Cheshire Horse. 

Pure merino wool is a popular natural material for combating the elements during the winter months. Warm and insulating, it gently wicks moisture away from the body to prevent catching a chill. We carry a selection of men’s merino wool products from trusted apparel companies including Janus, Engel, Carhartt, and Wrangler.

Due to its unique insulating properties, wool is a wonderful base layer. We carry merino wool long underwear, long johns, and shirts. Extremely soft, it comfortable and not at all itchy when directly against your skin. The thin wool fabric fits easily under your outerwear without compromising the fit.

Men’s wool socks are effective and comfortable for many weather conditions. In damp and cold weather, they protect your toes from frostbite. Wool socks are also extremely breathable and provide temperature regulation in warm weather. Our inventory of high-quality wool boot socks offer arch support and heel padding to ensure your feet are comfortable all day long.

Let more about wool on our blog post, Discover Winter with Wool. If you have any questions regarding the men’s merino wool clothing that we carry or would like assistance making your merino wool apparel purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.