Merino Wool Hats & Accessories

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66 Results

In the barn and in the saddle, staying warm can be a challenge. Based in New England, we carry everything you need to spend long hours outside without feeling the effect of the elements. Top off your warm winter outfit with an insulating pure merino wool hat. All of the wool that we carry is luxuriously soft; it is also not at all itchy.

As the exclusive United States source for high-end brands like Engel and Janus, you can be assured that you are purchasing high-quality natural performance fabrics. Wool’s wicking properties pull moisture to the exterior of the hat, keeping you toasty even if you break a sweat. We carry wool balaclavas, wool ski caps, wool riding hats, wool knit hats, and wool beanies. 

For our customers that like to stay active during the winter months, the Engel Sports Pocket Hat is extremely popular. It is perfect for wearing during barn chores, snowshoeing, or your morning run. Extremely thin, it can be worn under your helmet without impacting the fit.

Merino wool is a great textile for children and babies. It is easy to care for, and, due to the natural lanolin in the wool, it has a self-cleaning property which allows you to go for longer between washings.

In addition to our merino wool hats, we also carry a complete collection of Merino Wool Socks and Undergarments, Merino Wool Shirts, and Merino Wool Pants. We have something for everyone, with a selection of Women's Merino Wool, Men's Merino Wool, and Kids Merino Wool.

Learn more about the amazing properties of wool on our blog post, Discover Winter with Wool. Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the wool caps that we carry and assist you in making your wool winter hat purchase.