Bucket Hangers

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15 Results
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Safely and easily hang your buckets and feeders around the barn with our collection of heavy-duty bucket hangers. These durable hooks and bucket hardware securely fasten your horses' and/or livestocks' buckets and feeders to the wall of the stall or other location so that your animals have consistent access to quality nutrition and fresh, clean water.

Specifically manufactured with the safety of your horses and livestock in mind, they do not have sharp corners or edges that could cut into your animals' delicate noses or bruise their skin. We carry a number of styles of bucket hangers that are designed to be long lasting, strong, and convenient to the user. Our inventory includes metal bucket hangers and plastic bucket hangers from your favorite farm supply brands including Apple Picker, Jacks, Miller Manufacturing, Scenic Road Manufacturing, and Weaver Leather.

For hanging buckets outside on the fence or in a temporary location, consider a bucket strap or bucket tie. These nylon straps wrap around a fence pole or stall bars to quickly hang your horse's bucket. Shop our heavy duty bucket straps from Weaver Leather, MetaLab, and Triple E Manufacturing.

For safety and ergonomic purposes, your buckets should be hung with the conformation and height of your animals in mind. Many veterinarians recommend that horse buckets are hung at chest height. This quick tip makes it easy to hang your buckets appropriately, whether you have miniature horses or draft horses!

The proper bucket hangers make chores quick and easy around the farm. To determine what bucket hanging hardware is best for you and your needs, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff who have years of hands on experience with the barn hardware that we carry.