Kids' Chaps & Half Chaps

8 Results
8 Results

Many equestrians utilize half chaps or chaps to give them additional grip while in the saddle. This essential piece of equestrian equipment also protects your legs from chafing and prevents your pant legs from riding up. In addition to our extensive selection of adult sized half chaps, we also carry an assortment of children's chaps and half chaps.

Available from popular equestrian brands including Dublin, Ovation, and TuffRider, our half chaps are durable and budget-friendly. When paired with a set of paddock boots, half chaps offer the same functionality as a pair of tall boots, at a fraction of the price.

For many kids, comfort is key. Many half chaps, including the Ovation Kids' Equistretch II Half Chaps, feature a stretch panel which allows for custom fit and a full range of ankle motion. For a touch of fun in your child's schooling attire, the Ovation Hearts Kids' Half Chaps showcase adorable embroidered hearts.

Perfect for children who like to spend long days in the barn, the Dublin Kids' Easy-Care Half Chaps are machine washable. Tackle the mud, horse hair, and caked on horse sweat with these durable half chaps.

Outfit your child with a quality chaps or half chaps. For questions about fit and product selection, we invite you to reach out to our team of knowledgeable sales staff. With years of experience in the saddle, we can assist you in making your purchase.