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Our selection of lunging cavessons and training cavessons will improve the communication between you and your horse during groundwork sessions. When properly adjusted, a lunging cavesson offers increased control from the handler without utilizing the bit. These equine training cavessons showcase three rings on the noseband which the lunge line is clipped to. They can also be used in conjunction with a bridle to introduce side reins into your horse's groundwork routine.

We carry a number of leather training cavessons and nylon training cavessons from popular equestrian brands including Bobby's English Tack, Camelot, and Triple E Manufacturing. We also stock a multitude of sizes, with miniature horse cavessons, pony cavessons, cob cavessons, and horse-sized cavessons.

Lunging cavessons are superior to halters for groundwork and lunging sessions for many reasons; they will not slip off your horse's ears or twist into your horse's eye, making them much more comfortable for the horse. The positioning of the rings also gives the handler more control over the horse's movements for increased safety.

The versatile Rambo Micklem Bitless Multibridle can also be used as a classical lunging cavesson. Simply remove the reins and clip your lunge line to the loop on the nosebands; this gives you a functional training cavesson to school your horse on the ground.

A properly fitting lunging cavesson can improve the communication between you and your horse. If you have any questions regarding the classical training cavessons that we carry or would like assistance selecting the proper size for your equine companion, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.