Senior Supplements

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8 Results
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Caring for a senior horse is one of the greatest privileges an equestrian can experience. Offering wisdom and a confident sense of self, these aging athletes deserve a rest after years of service under saddle. At The Cheshire Horse, we have a special place in our hearts for older equines, and we are proud to offer an extensive variety of senior supplements.

Assist your horse through his golden years with our selection of supplements developed especially for senior horses. We carry formulas from Farnam, Grand Meadows, VitaFlex, Select the Best, SOURCE, Uckele, and more, to give your horse the best nutritional support available. Many equine nutrition experts suggest taking a look at a senior supplement once your horse reaches 15 years of age, in order to help them live out their golden years with grace.

Help relieve your horse from creaking bones and aching joints with joint supplements that are formulated especially for senior equines. These powders and pellets minimize the discomfort from arthritis and other joint disorders. They can also provide relief from inflammation and reduce stiff joints.

As a horse ages, their digestive system is not as efficient. Provide your horse with all of the nutrients and macronutrients that they need in order to thrive with a digestive supplement that is formulated for horses in their golden years. These supplements fill nutritional gaps in your horse’s diet while fortifying their digestive tract with probiotics.

The immune system of aging horses also weakens over time. Some of the supplements that we carry support immune functions to aid in keeping your horse happy and healthy, while helping them to ward off potentially hazardous diseases.

Our friendly sales staff has years of equestrian experience. Please consult with us to determine which senior supplement can most benefit your equine companion.