Level Three Bits

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10 Results

The Myler bit system helps you to select the correct bit for your horse based on his or her level of training and behavior. Level Three Myler bits are reserved for performance horses with an advanced level of training that have a solid disposition. Experienced trail horses with a solid and trustworthy attitude often respond positively to Level Three mouthpieces as well.

If you are currently riding your horse in a Level 2-3 Myler curb bit, you will know when it is time to transition to a Level Three mouthpiece when your horse begins to show resistance to the bit. According to the Myler system, when your horse begins to resist the bit, that is the cue to move to a softer bit, not harsher.

Ron, Dale, and Bob Myler have changed the landscape of the bit marketplace with Myler Bits. The Level Three Myler mouthpieces have wide ports for maximum tongue relief and little to no tongue pressure. Level Three mouthpieces utilize primarily bar, poll, and chin pressure to fine-tune the communication between you and your horse. The mouthpiece of the bit is curved to allow more room for the tongue when the bit is in a neutral resting position. When horses are comfortable with their bits, they are able to focus on their jobs and perform better.

The Level Three Bits also have options with and without independent side movement within the mouthpieces. Available in English and Western styles, Myler Level Three bits are offered in a number of different cheekpieces (including kimberwicke, English Dee, eggbutt, and shank) and mouthpieces. Many materials, such as stainless steel and copper, have been utilized to encourage salivation and increased communication between horse and rider. Combination bits are also available in Level Three mouthpieces.

Offering a full line of Myler Bits, our friendly sales associates at the Cheshire Horse have the tools and the knowledge to help you select the right bit for you and your horse. We also invite you to refer to our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse.