Leather & Synthetic Leads

14 Results
14 Results
$17.50 - $21.95

Explore the perfect balance of classic elegance and modern functionality with our collection of leather and synthetic leather lead ropes at The Cheshire Horse – a must-have for every equestrian's toolkit. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of leather or the durability of synthetic materials, we have the perfect lead rope to suit your preferences.

Our leather lead ropes, sourced from trusted manufacturers such as Gatsby, KL Select, Tek a, Perri's Leather, and Tory Leather, showcase superior craftsmanship. Available in an array of leather finish colors – including havana, black, dark oil, and chestnut – each lead rope exudes sophistication and quality. Choose from shanked and non-shanked varieties to cater to your specific needs, with options ranging from classic to ornate.

For added control and versatility, our shanked lead ropes come with both brass and chrome chains. These leather leads with chains seamlessly transition from the barn to the horse show, offering flexible use under the chin or over the nose. Elevate your horse's presentation with a rolled leather lead– both stylish and of exceptional quality.

If you prefer the durability and easy maintenance of synthetic leather, explore our range of synthetic lead ropes that offer resilience without compromising on style. Crafted to withstand the rigors of daily use, these ropes are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Maintain the integrity of your lead ropes, whether leather or synthetic, by using high-quality leather cleaner and conditioner regularly. Just as you would care for any other leather tack or equipment, this ensures longevity and durability.

Coordinate your horse's look seamlessly by exploring our matching leather halters. For personalized assistance in selecting the perfect lead shank, reach out to our experienced sales staff.