Training Whips

8 Results
8 Results

For ground training your horse, we carry a number of training whips. Perfectly sized for ground driving, natural horsemanship training, and other groundwork, these whips are long enough to communicate with your horse and short enough to maneuver easily. These training whips are artificial aids that serve as an extension of your arm and help drive your horse forward. From beginning round pen work to more advanced lateral training, these training aids can help you and your horse work toward your goals together.

We carry a selection of training sticks and whips from trusted equestrian manufacturers, including Knotty Girl, Equi-Sky, Tough-1, Weaver Leather, and more. Some training sticks have lashes and poppers, while others are stiff throughout. Your choice will depend on the training application as well as the size of the arena that you are working your horse in. Available in traditional black, as well as a rainbow of colors, some equestrians like to have a bit of fun picking out the best whip for their barn.

In addition to our inventory of training whips for horses, we also carry a full selection of riding bats, crops, dressage whips, fly whisks, and lunge whips. Need storage solutions? Our whip racks are an easy way to keep your collection neat, organized, and safe.

Take your communication and training to the next level with our comprehensive collection of training whips for the equestrian. If you have any questions regarding proper whip selection or about any of the training whips we carry, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.