Hock Boots

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7 Results

Protect your horse's hocks and assist in the prevention of injury with our assortment of hock boots. These boots are specifically designed to conform to this complex area of your horse's anatomy, while still allowing the hock the move as it was designed. Hock boots typically leave the point of the hock uncovered to keep your horse comfortable and allow for a full range of motion.

We carry a number of hock boots from trusted equestrian brands, including Intrepid International, Cashel, Jacks, and Back on Track. Hock boots are convenient for bandaging your horse's hock in the event of injury or laceration. They can also protect against hock sores, painful lesions that your horse can develop from lying down in the stall or in the paddock. Padded hock boots are popular for use in the trailer, protecting the hock joint from abrasions and puncture wounds when traveling.

For horses with sore hocks or those suffering from arthritis, therapeutic hock boots can be used to ease joint pain. The Back on Track Therapeutic Hock Boots utilize soothing far infrared thermal heat to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow within the area.

Bandage your horse's hocks easily and effectively with a pair of hock boots. If you have any questions about sizing or would like assistance purchasing the proper pair of boots for your horse, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and high-trained sales staff who have years of hands-on horse experience.