Scoops, Shovels & Stable Forks

35 Results
35 Results

With the right tools, cleaning a stall can be an easy and, dare we say it, enjoyable chore around the barn. We carry a large selection of stable forks, pitchforks, and shovels to make barnwork a breeze. All of your favorite brands, including True Temper, Apple Picker, Farnam, Pet Lodge, and Kelley Equestrian can be found in our stores and our online inventory.

Pitchforks and stable forks allow you to shift through clean sawdust, shavings, and other bedding, while easily removing manure and wet spots from urine from the stall, paddock, or run-in shed. With metal, durable plastic, and polycarbonate forks, we have the right tool for every application and type of bedding. Metal forks are often preferred when used with straw. Plastic and polycarbonate forks are ideal for smaller bedding like shavings, peat moss, and pellets.

Equestrians with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or simply a whole lot of stalls to clean appreciate forks with an ergonomically designed handle. The Little Giant Durafork Ergonomic Handle is slightly bent to absorb the stress from the user's wrists, elbows, shoulders, and back.

Our assortment of heavy-duty shovels ensures that you can move bedding, dirt, mulch, or snow at a moment's notice. A large, flat metal shovel is truly an indispensable tool around the farm.

We know how important your favorite stable cleaning tool is. In addition to our stable forks and shovels, we also carry an array of replacement heads. Check out the DuraPitch II Stall Fork Head or the Little Giant Durafork Replacement Head.

From cleaning stalls to shovelling snow, we know that you work hard around the barn, so your equipment needs to work hard too! If you have any questions about the stable equipment that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff. Many of us are lifelong equestrians and we know a thing or two about scooping manure!

Please Note: Due to the size and weight of these products, many of them may have additional shipping charges, or are available for in-store pickup.