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20 Results
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Open up the doors! Stall guards allow well behaved horses to experience the excitement of the barn and interact with the equestrians in the aisle. By leaving the stall doors open, you also help your horse breathe a little easier by increasing the ventilation within your horse's stall and keeping air flowing throughout the barn.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of stall guards and barn aisle guards from trusted equestrian manufacturers including D-Tech, Equi-Essentials, Horsemen's Pride, Intrepid International, and Jacks. We also carry steel stall gates from Scenic Road Manufacturing.

Many equestrians prefer the wide nylon or cotton stall guards which feature multiple clips to keep your horse in the stall. The Kensington Stall Guard comes complete with double ended snaps and screw eyes to make installation a breeze.

Rubber stall guards are a singular rubber covered chain which cover the opening of the stall door. These can be operated with one hand, making them popular for respectful horses. The Horsemen's Pride Stall Chain is available in a wide array of colors to make any color scheme and barnyard decor.

In the summer, it can be nice to leave the barn doors open at night. An aisle guard offers an additional level of security if a horse is able to escape their stall. The Schneiders Dura-Tech Aisle Guard will keep your horse securely contained in the barn in the event of a loose horse.

If you have dutch doors, stall guards can also be used for the opposite purpose. For aggressive horses or those that prefer their privacy, a nylon or cotton stall guard can be used as an upper stall door to keep your horse from hanging their head into the barn aisle.

Allow your horse to socialize in the barn or at horse shows with a quality stall guard. If you have any questions regarding the stall guards that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right stall guard for your horse, we encourage you to speak with a friendly, highly-trained member of our wonderful sales staff.