Cold & Hydro Therapy

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13 Results

When it comes to healing and preventing soft tissue injuries, cold therapy is an effective and economical option. Ice therapy and hydrotherapy (cold water therapy) reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation of the affected area(s).

Many equestrians utilize ice boots as a precaution after hard workouts to reduce the chance of injury in the tendons and ligaments and give their horses soothing comfort. This is particularly common among event riders after gallop sets.

Our selection of ice boots from Professional's Choice will give you peace of mind, while allowing you to care for and pamper your horse's legs. Reaching from hoof to knee of hock, the Professional's Choice Ice Boots utilize reusable, flexible ice packs that stay cold for hours. Keep a set of ice pack inserts, such as the Professional's Choice Flexible Ice Cells, in your barn freezer so that you can be prepared for any occasion.

Some equestrians prefer to use ice, since as the ice melts, the cold water continues to cool the leg and the remaining ice conforms to the structure of the leg. The Professional's Choice 6 Pocket Ice Boot easily fills with ice and accelerates your horse's recovery; they reach from the hock or knee all the way to the horse's pastern.

A handful of the boots that we carry are extremely versatile and are able to be used as either an ice boot or a heat boot. A soothing warm heat can be used to reduce inflammation and promote healing. The Shires Hot/Cold Relief Boots have an adjustable hook-and-loop closure which allows it to fit a wide variety of horses.

Whether you are looking for a hydrotherapy product for preventative care or an ice boot to address a specific injury, we can assist you in making your purchase.