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26 Results
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Does your barefoot horse need additional support when being ridden on hard surfaces? Does your horse routinely lose his shoes? Does your horse need a bit of added traction when heading out on the trails? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your horse is a prime candidate for hoof boots.

Hoof boots are an excellent solution to sensitive feet. We carry an extensive variety of boots from brands such as Easy Care, Cavallo, and Davis Manufacturing to ensure that we are able to fit every hoof in your barn. We love hoof boots because they allow horses to be barefoot while still enjoying the benefits of wearing a shoe.

Traditional hoof boots allow you to tackle tough terrain while maintaining the integrity of your horse's hoof. The Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot and the EasyCare EasyBoot Glove are easy to slide on to your horse's hoof and fasten securely. You can enhance these boots with softer soles, like the Simple Boot Gel Insole, for more cushion; or studs, such as the EasyCare Quick Studs, for more grip. The EasyCare Easyboot Stratus gives you the option to customize the support that your hoof boot provides, making it an extremely versatile option.

If you have a horse that suffers from founder or laminitis, we have therapeutic hoof boots for you. The EasyCare Easyboot Cloud and EasyCare Easyboot Rx Hoof Boot help to provide stability while relieving pressure from the delicate hoof tissues.

Hoof boots aren't only for barefoot horses! The Cavallo Transport Air Regular Sole Hoof Boot is designed to give your horse additional cushion and support while they are in the trailer, whether or not they are wearing horse shoes. If your horse is typically shod, make sure that you measure for these boots with their shoe.

Buying the ideal set of hoof boots for your horse can be a difficult process, but we're here to help! For questions how to select the right hoof boots and properly measure your horse, read our blogor reach out to our experienced sales staff.