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25 Results
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Any equestrian will tell you that some horses seem to be especially adept at getting into trouble. From handling cuts and scrapes to caring for horses post-surgery, bandaging materials are a first aid kit essential for every equestrian.

We carry an extensive selection of bandages, gauze, and bandaging accessories from 3M, America's Acres, Andover, Covidien, and Dukal. After you journey through our online or in-store selection, you will soon discover why our customers consider us a go-source for all of their bandaging needs.

Cohesive bandages, also referred to as vet wrap, is one of the most versatile bandaging materials available. Sticking to itself, and not your horse's fur or skin, it can adhere gauze or other absorbent padding in place. 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape and Andover PowerFlex Cohesive Bandage are both popular choices among equestrians. If you have a horse that chews his bandages, look to the Andover PowerFlex No Chew Cohesive Bandage to discourage him with an unpleasant taste.

Dukal 4" x 4" Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges and America's Acres Conforming Stretch Gauze Bandages are convenient for providing protection and drainage to the wound site. Cover the gauze with 3M Gamgee Absorbent Padding, America's Acres Premium Gauze & Cotton Wrap, or stable wraps to protect it from the elements.

No bandaging supply kit is complete without a pair of bandaging scissors. These unique scissors have a blunt and rounded tip so they are safer to use next to your horse or pony's skin. The GT Reid Bandage Scissors are priced affordably so that you can have multiple pairs around the barn. They work well to cut through bandaging supplies and bandaging tape when wrapping your horse as well as when removing the bandaging textiles.

Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are bandaging a small wound or a large incision, we have the right bandaging material for the job.