Treat Dispensers

23 Results
23 Results
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Part treat, part toy, and so much fun! For your playful, food-motivated dog, treat-dispensing toys are a wonderful way to mentally stimulate your canine companion. When your dog plays with these durable toys, they are rewarded with a tasty treat… This keeps your dog excited about playtime and encourages them to keep playing.

We carry an extensive selection of treat-dispensing dog toys from many of your favorite pet supply brands, including PetSafe and Kong. These heavy-duty dog toys can hold your four-legged friends’ favorite dog treats, dog kibble, or even peanut butter. Some of the toys are even designed to be frozen, which both makes the delicious reward more difficult to obtain and can also help your dog cool off in hot weather. 

These fun canine toys get your dog moving as well! They need to lick, push, and/or chew the toys to access their treat. Not only will this entertain your dog, but these treats are also wonderful ways to encourage your dog to be more active. This makes interactive toys wonderful choices for active dogs as well as those that could benefit from an increase in activity. 

Add a bit of fun to your dog’s day with a new interactive toy that also holds treats! You can learn more about the benefits of these toys on our blog post, Providing Mental Stimulation to Your Canine Companion. If you have any questions about which dog toy is the best for your dog or would like assistance making your food-dispensing dog toy purchase, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly sales staff.