Kids' Wool Pants

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47 Results

With the right clothing, your child is ready for any adventure! We carry a full selection of merino wool pants, leggings, tights, and long underwear for infants, toddlers, and older children to make it easy and comfortable to spend hours enjoying the great outdoors. Available from exclusive organic wool suppliers, such as Janus Wool, Ruskovilla, and Engel Wool, you can be confident that you are outfitting your child in clothing that is comfortable for them, while also being an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Perfect for layering or wearing on their own, organic wool pants help your child to regulate their temperature. Wool naturally provides thermo-regulating properties, insulating the wearer in cold weather and moving warm air away from the skin to cool the wearer on warm days. Additionally, the wool wicks moisture away from the skin, preventing your child from becoming sweaty or clammy -- this makes wool pants the perfect underlayer for snowsuits or winter breeches.

Try soft merino wool pants for your child and see why so many families are adding them to their children’s wardrobes. While the wool pants are never itchy, you can also try the wool/silk blend pants for additional comfort and softness.

As an added benefit, wool pants are easy to wash and care for! For care instructions, refer to our blog post, The Warm Fuzzies: Properly Caring for Your Wool.

In addition to our inventory of merino wool pants for kids, we also carry a full selection of merino wool shirts, tops, onesies, and accessories for children.

If you have any questions regarding the wool clothing that we carry or would like assistance making your wool purchase, we encourage you to contact a member of our friendly sales staff.