High Neck & Combo Turnout Blankets

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15 Results

In the world of equine care, the significance of a reliable turnout blanket cannot be overstated. Among the diverse array of blankets available, High Neck Turnout Blankets stand out as a distinctive choice, offering a blend of advanced technology and a tailored fit that caters to traditionally hard-to-fit horses.

High Neck Turnout Blankets are engineered with a design that extends further up the horse's neck, providing enhanced coverage compared to standard blankets. This additional coverage offers protection against the elements and reduces the risk of rain or snow seeping through the neck opening. The high neck design is particularly beneficial for horses with a more upright head carriage or those prone to rubbing or discomfort with traditional blanket styles. We carry a number of trusted equine brands, including Weatherbeeta, Shires, Horseware Ireland, Horze, and more!

One notable feature that elevates the durability of many of our High Neck Turnout Blankets is the incorporation of ripstop technology. This cutting-edge technology involves weaving reinforced threads into the fabric, creating a grid-like pattern that prevents small tears or rips from expanding. Horses, by nature, are active and occasionally engage in behaviors that can stress their blankets, such as rolling or rubbing against surfaces. The ripstop technology ensures that any potential damage is contained, preserving the integrity of the blanket and prolonging its lifespan.

These blankets are designed to fit horses, which may pose a challenge when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Traditionally, hard-to-fit horses, such as those with broader shoulders, higher withers, or unique body proportions, benefit from High Neck Turnout Blankets' versatility and adjustable features. The high neck design accommodates varying head and neck conformations, ensuring that the horse can move comfortably while still receiving full coverage.

Adjustability is a key factor in accommodating different body shapes, and High Neck Turnout Blankets often come equipped with features like adjustable chest closures, cross surcingles, and leg straps. These elements allow for a customized fit, preventing any unnecessary gaps or discomfort. Tailored fit contributes not only to the horse's comfort but also to the overall effectiveness of the blanket in providing protection against the elements.

High Neck Turnout Blankets are a practical choice for horse owners seeking optimal coverage, durability, and a tailored fit for traditionally hard-to-fit horses.