Mini Horse Bits

14 Results
14 Results

For our customers who own miniature horses and/or small ponies, we carry a selection of miniature horse bits which are developed for petite mouths and low palates. Perfect for driving, ground work, halter classes, in-hand work, and riding divisions, we believe in giving miniature horses ample selection and options.

Available from trusted equine manufacturers including Coronet, Kelly, and Weaver Leather, our assortment of bits for mini horses includes everything from eggbutt snaffles to ported correction bits.

Half cheek bits are popular among equestrians that drive. The design of the cheekpieces keeps the bit stable within your horse's mouth, while not tangling with the overcheck, the sidecheck, or any other pieces of your horse's harness. For very small equines (VSEs) or ponies that need a stronger bit, correctional driving bits utilize leverage to apply poll pressure.

Learn more about the various types of bit checkpieces and bit mouthpieces on our blog post, A Bit Confused About Bits? If you would like assistance selecting the right bit for your mini or have questions about the bits that we carry, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.