Hoof Disinfectants & Care

24 Results
24 Results

Your horse’s hooves spend most of their time in the dirt and the mud. The ground is ripe with bacteria, which puts your horse’s hooves under a tremendous amount of pressure. Healthy hooves can naturally repel harmful bacteria, but occasionally, our horses need us to assist them in gaining optimal hoof health.

Our extensive selection of hoof disinfectants allows you to easily eradicate harmful bacteria from your horse’s hooves while maintaining the integrity of the hoof structure. We carry well-researched formulas and time-tested solutions for hoof health from respected companies such as Bickmore, Red Horse, Carr & Day & Martin, Leovet, and Vetricyn. From preventive products to heavy-hitters that cure infections, we can assist you in keeping your horse free from thrush, white line diseases, and unhealthy hooves.

When treating hoof ailments, look to Kopertox Dressing or Life Data Labs Farrier's Finish. These liquid medications effectively destroy harmful bacteria. You can also use a disinfectant hoof soak, such as the CleanTrax Hoof Cleanser, to penetrate deep into hoof cracks and frog grooves.

For a more targeted approach, look to B Gone White Line Treatment. This gel is easy to apply underneath shoes and horseshoe nail holes to abolish bacteria in hard-to-reach areas.

If you are looking for the ultimate jack-of-all-trades, stick a bottle of Banixx Wound & Hoof Care in your grooming tote. This versatile antifungal and antibiotic product is safe to use anywhere on your horse and improves healing time dramatically.

Maintaining hoof health can be a daunting task. We urge you to speak with your farrier to determine which products are the right ones for your horse and your situation. Our experienced sales staff is also always available to answer any questions that you may have.