Cribbing Deterrents

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12 Results
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Cribbing and wood chewing are not only destructive behaviors that harm your barn and fencing, they are also dangerous to your horse's health. These hazardous habits are damaging your horse's teeth and digestive system over time, so they should be addressed quickly at their onset.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a full selection of cribbing and chewing deterrents. Available from a number of trusted equine companies such as Animed, EQyss, Farnam, Hydrophane, and J.M. Saddler, these sprays, powders, and roll-on products will protect all the surfaces in the barn. Extremely bitter and foul tasting, your horse will avoid surfaces which have been treated with these products.

The Farnam No Chew spray works well on wood and other non-metallic surfaces. If your horse has taken to chewing on buckets and vinyl fencing, check out this convenient spray. It is even effective when applied in wet weather.

For our customers looking for an all natural product, the Animed RED HOT! Powder is a great option. With the active ingredient being red cayenne pepper, horses quickly learn not to chew and crib. Please exercise caution when applying these products to your farm, as they are quite potent!

As an added benefit, many of these products, such as J.M. Saddler's Raplast and Cribox, can be used on fabric. This makes them a great solution for horses who chew on their leg wraps or blankets.

If your horse chews on wood like a beaver, don't fret! This line of products is a perfect way to protect your barn, fences, and other wooden structures from destruction. As always, if you have any questions or would like assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to our friendly and experienced sales associates.