Western Hackamores

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14 Results

From past injuries and prior trauma to their mouth shape and personality, there are many reasons that some horses do not like the feeling of a bit in their mouth. For these horses, many equestrians find hackamores to be the ideal solution. Utilizing leverage, hackamores put pressure on your horse’s poll, nose, and jaw, much like a curb bit, but without a mouthpiece.

Our inventory includes an extensive selection of Western hackamores from trusted equine manufacturers such as Weaver Leather, Professional’s Choice, Korsteel, Reinsman, and Tory Leather.

Traditional mechanical hackamores are popular among many equestrians; these give the rider control even without a metal bit in their horse’s mouth. For more sensitive horses, “S” hackamores and flower hackamores have less leverage and are milder when used correctly. The length and shape of the hackamore’s shank determine the severity of the hackamore because longer shanks cause more poll, jaw, and nose pressure when the reins are used. Just like their traditional bit counterparts, hackamores can be harsh if not used correctly. It is recommended that hackamores are only used by experienced riders or under the watch of a knowledgeable equestrian.

Some horses experience rubs if they are frequently ridden in hackamores. If your horse is prone to rubs, consider using a padded hackamore cover for additional cushioning and protection. 

Hackamores are legal for some Western divisions, such as gymkhana classes; however, they are considered unconventional equipment in many disciplines, so many equestrians utilize them solely for schooling and trail riding. We encourage you to refer to your association’s rulebook or speak to a certified steward if you have any questions about the legality of your equipment for competition. 

Consider making the switch to bitless riding and using a hackamore. If you have any questions regarding the benefits of hackamores, we invite you to read our blog post, A Bit Confused About Bits. Our highly-trained and experienced sales staff is always available to answer your bitting questions and help you find the best Western hackamore for your horse.