Mullen Mouth Bits

18 Results
18 Results

Mullen mouth or straight bar bits are considered one of the mildest mouthpieces available. These versatile bits are popular across many disciplines. Typically, these unjointed mouthpieces are slightly curved in order to accommodate your horse's tongue. Available in both curb and snaffle options, mullen mouth bits are wonderful for sensitive horses that do not react well to a jointed mouthpiece.

We carry an extensive selection of mullen mouth bits from quality manufacturers such as Coronet, Happy Mouth, Korsteel, Shires, and Smith Worthington. With eggbutt, loose ring, dee ring, and full cheek snaffle options, in addition to Tom Thumb and traditional pelhams, we have a large assortment of mullen mouth bits available both in store and online.

When starting a green horse under saddle, many of our customers like the Solid Rubber Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit from Korsteel, affectionately known to many as a "dogbone bit." To help reinforce steering and directional aids, the Shires Flexible Rubber Mullen Full- Cheek Bit is another popular option. Both of the bits help to educate your horse to the feeling of the bit without potentially damaging the soft and delicate tissues of your horse's mouth.

When it comes to pelhams, many horses and riders like the mullen mouth option. The mullen mouth helps to raise the poll of the horse, while the curb encourages the horse to round at the poll. Many equitation over fences and hunter pleasure utilize these versatile bits. For horses that need only small amounts of poll pressure, the Mullen Mouth Tom Thumb Pelham for Korsteel is a great pick. We also carry the Hard Rubber Mullen Mouth Pelham Korsteel and the Soft Rubber Mullen Mouth Pelham Korsteel for horses that may be more sensitive in their mouths.

Let us help you make purchasing a bit for your horse a seamless experience! Refer to our blog or speak with a member of our educated sales staff for assistance in making your purchase.