Dressage Girths

19 Results
19 Results

Head down the centerline safe and secure in the saddle with our selection of dressage girths. These short girths are specifically designed for the long billets of a dressage saddle, keeping your saddle centered and properly positioned on your horse.

We carry a number of dressage girths in leather, nylon, and synthetic leather options from trusted equestrian companies including Horse Fare, Jeffries Saddlery, Nunn Finer, Lettia, and Wintec. With leather dressage girths and synthetic dressage girths in traditional black and brown, we can assist you in matching any saddle and bridle. With sizes ranging from 20" to 36", we can fit horses and ponies of nearly every shape and size.

Elastic options, like the Nunn Finer Passage Dressage Girth, evenly distribute the pressure of the girth across the entire rib cage. They also allow for easy girth adjustments and ease in tightening the girth.

Sensitive horses may benefit from girths with padding or fleece. This can help prevent painful girth galls and chaffing, while cushioning your horse's ribcage. The Lettia CoolMax Fleece Lined Dressage Girth is a popular option.

Shaped dressage girths, including the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Dressage Girth, are created with your horse's anatomy in mind. They provide more freedom of movement through the shoulders and increased range of motion.

Score a perfect 10 with a new comfortable dressage girth for your horse. If you have any questions about the girths that we carry or would like assistance purchasing the correct size for your horse, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.