Flatback Buckets

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21 Results

Due to their unique shape, flatback buckets are able to hang flush with a wall or fence, making them highly versatile around the barn. Perfect for providing fresh water to your horse, many equestrians also use them for feeding grain, chopped forage, and supplements. However, their uses are endless; try using them to store your bathing supplies or hold your grooming equipment.

Manufactured from high-quality flexible rubber or durable plastic polymers, these rugged flatback buckets are shatterproof and are able to withstand the rigors of life on the farm. Heavy-duty galvanized handles are rust-resistant and easy to handle. We carry flatback buckets in a wide variety of sizes and a rainbow of colors from your favorite farm supply brands including Allied Precision, Fortex Fortiflex, and Miller Manufacturing. Choose a single color for all your buckets to give your barn a cohesive look or purchase a different color bucket for each horse to increase biosecurity around your farm.

In the frigid winter months, many equestrians turn to heated flatback buckets to prevent their horse's water from freezing. These buckets heat the water with electricity to a comfortable temperature to keep your horse properly hydrated. Learn more on our blog post, Bottoms Up! Encouraging Water Consumption in Cold Temperatures. We carry heated flatback buckets in both 5 gallon and 10 quart capacities from Farm Innovators and API. When using a heated bucket, it is essential that you keep safety in mind by plugging it into a grounded outlet and keeping the cord well out of your horse's reach.

Consider utilizing flatback buckets in your horse's stall, pasture, and run-in shed. If you would life specific bucket measurements or would like assistance choosing the right buckets for your stable, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.