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173 Results
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We all know that feeling you get when you turn your horse out, only to watch him instantly roll in a puddle of mud. You just know that caked-on dirt will be waiting for you when you go to ride. Your horse's coat collects dirt, grime, and stains all day long, and it can be difficult to get them out. Whether you're headed to a competition, or just staying home, it's important to keep your horse's coat clean so it can shed out and have healthy growth. So when it comes to bath time, The Cheshire Horse knows what you need. Shop our extensive collection of coat care products to wash, condition, and maintain any horse's coat.

Browse our body washes, shampoos, and conditioners for great products to keep your horse's whole coat clean and healthy. We carry everything from general shampoos like Mane ‘N Tail and Body Shampoo, to plant-based body washes like eZall Total Body Wash Green. Looking for shampoo to treat a specific skin condition? We have excellent medicated shampoos to treat a range of fungal and bacterial conditions like dandruff, ringworm, or even itchy bug bites. The EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Shampoo is an especially effective and pH-balanced anti-itch product. Do you have a grey horse? We carry a variety of whitening and color enhancing shampoos too, so you can more easily maintain your horse's natural color.

If you're trying to look your best for an upcoming competition, check out all of the coat shine and polish products from The Cheshire Horse. Popular products like Absorbine ShowSheen, Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine, and World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner add extra sheen to you horse to help you get noticed in the ring. Maintain that beautiful shine and rich color with sunscreen too! Great products like Healthy HairCare Sunflower Sunscreen and Exhibitor Labs Quic Screen protect your horse's coat from sun damage.

Need a cleaning solution without all the water for days when you just can't bring out the hose? Try one of our waterless shampoos and spot cleaners from popular brands like Cowboy Magic and Absorbine. Simply spray, massage in, and wipe away. These items are great for winter grooming and last-minute spot cleaning at horse shows.

Need advice to find the right product for you? Don't hesitate to ask the knowledgeable and friendly staff at The Cheshire Horse!