Full Cheek Bits

25 Results
25 Results

Full-cheek snaffles are instantly identifiable by the arms, or cheeks, that extended from the ring of the bit. These narrow cheeks help to stabilize the bit and keep the bit from being pulled through your horse's mouth. The arms on the bit also help to reinforce the rider's directional aids, making full-cheek bits an excellent choice for horses that have trouble turning. Traditionally, the top arm of a full-cheek bit is attached to the bridle via a bit keeper or bit loop. This prevents the arm from catching on the bridle and keeps the bit safely positioned in your horse's mouth.

We carry an extensive selection of full-cheek snaffles from Coronet, Korsteel, Shires, Stubben, and Weaver Leather. With a wide array of smooth and twisted mouthpieces, we have a bit for every training level and disposition.

The Stubben Steeltec Full Cheek Snaffle with Copper Link encourages the horse to salivate and accept the bit. High quality and very durable, you will find yourself reaching for this bit time and time again.

Our full-cheek snaffles are available in every size imaginable! From the petite Coronet Full Cheek Pony Snaffle Bit to the large Weaver Draft Eggbutt Full Cheek Snaffle Bit, we have a bit for every horse in your stable.

Many of the smooth mouthpiece full-cheeks are legal for dressage competitions under United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and United States Eventing Association (USEA) rules. If you have any questions about the legality of equipment, please refer to your association's rulebook or consult with a steward.

We understand that choosing the right bit for your horse can be a difficult and confusing process. We invite you to read our blog or reach out to our experienced sales staff for assistance.