Rubber Reins

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27 Results

You simply can’t beat the secure feeling of rubber reins for young riders and wet conditions. If you have a horse that perpetually pulls or you have difficulty holding traditional reins, rubber reins may be an excellent choice for you as well.

We carry a wide variety of rubber reins from trusted equestrian manufacturers such as Bobby's English Tack, Circle Y, Equi-Essentials, Gatsby, Shire's Equestrian, and Tekna. With reins for everyone from beginner riders to experienced equestrians, we have the right pair for every taste, discipline, and budget.

The perennial favorite for the youngest equestrians, colored rubber reins help riders to maintain a feel of the horse’s mouth while beginning to understand proper rein length. If your favorite lead line rider is beginning to post the trot or learn their leads, these colorful reins are the perfect learning tool.

Show jumpers and cross-country riders often appreciate the added support of rubber reins. Gallop up to the big oxer or the water complex with a firm hold on the Stubben 1/2" Rubber Buckle Reins or the ThinLine English Reins. 

What if you like the feeling of rubber reins but prefer a more traditional look? We have a set of reins for you. The KL Select Black Oak Pebble Grip Reins have discrete rubber points that are adhered to leather reins, so you can wear them in any company, and no one will know your secret.

At The Cheshire Horse, we pride ourselves on our selection and competitive pricing. If you have any questions about which rubber reins would be best for you, please contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales associates.