Leather Punches

7 Results
7 Results

Every tack room needs a quality leather punch. Perfect for making tack adjustments quickly, a leather punch easily makes uniform round holes into your tack and other leather goods.

We carry revolving leather punches and manual leather punch kits from trusted tack supply companies including Herm Sprenger, Intrepid International, Jacks, and Weaver Leather.

Lever action revolving leather punches are popular among many equestrians and livestock owners. The revolving wheel features multiple sizes of leather punches, allowing you to select the right size hole to punch through your leather. The ergonomic grips of the leather punches fit comfortably in your hand and make it easy to puncture the material without needing excess strength or force.

For detail work and small holes, we suggest a mini leather punch kit. These small leather punch tubes make it easy to place the hole exactly where you need it.

We recommend keeping a leather punch in your grooming kit as well as in your trailer for quick, on-the-go adjustments of your bridle and stirrup leathers. Our experienced and friendly sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about our premium, high-quality leather punches and assist you in making your purchase.