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22 Results
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Is there anything more exciting than foaling season? With each foal born, comes dreams and aspirations, as well as adorable antics and sweet baby kisses. At The Cheshire Horse, we love to hear about our customer's breeding success and watch their lovable baby horses grow up.

We carry an extensive selection of mare supplements to support your mare all the way through gestation and lactation periods to ensure a successful and viable pregnancy.

Mares in foal often benefit from the trusty standby Manna Pro Calf Manna Multi Species Supplement. This complete supplement not only provides your mare with additional calories to support her growing fetus, but it also aids in improved digestion and better coat condition. As an added benefit, it is safe to continue feeding through lactation. Farnam Mare Plus supports your broodmare during gestation, foaling and lactation with its balanced vitamin-mineral concentrate that contains vitamins A, D3, and E, in addition to iodine, calcium, and phosphorus.

After the foal is born, we also have an assortment of foal supplements available. Whether you need a complete milk replacer or a vitamin and mineral supplement to help your foal thrive, we have the right formulas available for you.

If you mare is not producing enough milk for her foal, or worse yet is unable to produce any milk at all, milk replacement supplements. Progressive Nutrition Foals First Milk Replacer Powder and Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer both act like infant formula, providing your foal with all of the nutrition that he would typically receive from his mother's milk. Some foals accept milk replacer from a bucket, while others are happier with a calf bottle. Bottle feeding is a wonderful way to bond with and imprint your foal.

For foals that are successfully nursing, Buckeye Foal Aide Paste helps to supplement your foal's diet and support muscle and bone development. Being in a paste form, it makes it easy to ensure that you don't waste even a drop!

We want to assist your mare through a healthy pregnancy and ensure that your foals develops properly. Our experienced sales staff can help you select the right supplement for your mare and foal.