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32 Results
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Keep your horse's coat healthy and shiny and his mane and tail soft and tangle-free with an application of conditioner. We carry leave-in and wash-out conditioners to provide year-round support for you and your horse.

Dry hair can be brittle and break easily, which results in a lack of shine and can also be painful for your horse. Combat this with a rinse-out conditioner after bathing your horse. Much like conditioning your own hair, simply remove the excess moisture from your horse's coat, apply the conditioner, and let set for a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate before rinsing. Conditioners such as Shapley's Natural Elegance, Straight Arrow Mane 'N Tail Conditioner, and Healthy HairCare Hair Moisturizer Concentrate will help your horse's coat maintain a healthy and luxurious shine.

If you are short on time or would like to condition your horse's coat after a grooming session, spray leave-in conditioners are popular. Simply spray these products onto your horse's clean coat and allow them to work their magic. Santa Fe Coat Conditioner from Aborbine and EQyss Avocado Mist Detangler & Conditioner are great options to keep in your grooming box.

To release dreadlocks and manage tangles in the mane and tail, a brush through, leave-in conditioner is recommended. Lasting for days, the Silverado Detangler Conditioner and the Intense EQ Conditioning Combing Cream are concentrated formulas that repel dirt and allow the brush to slide right through your horse's mane and tail. If you prefer a spray application, Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner provides an oil-free shine while reducing hair breakage.

If you are tight on time or storage space, we also carry a complete line of products that go double duty. These shampoo and conditioner combinations clean and nourish the coat in one simple step. Integrate these heavy hitters, such as Warhorse Equine Shampoo & Conditioner, Espree Shampoo and Conditioner in One, and Fiebing's Blue Frost Whitening Shampoo & Conditioner, into your bathing routine and watch your horse's coat flourish.

These products are specifically formulated for horses, donkeys, and mules, which means they're effective and safe for use on your animals. Give your equine companion the very best with a conditioner from The Cheshire Horse. If you have any questions about which product would be the best for your horse and your situation, we invite you to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates for assistance.