Barn Equipment

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429 Results
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If you use it at the barn, we have it on our shelves! As equestrians, we understand that horses require a lot of equipment to care for, and that is why we come to you with a comprehensive selection of barn supplies. We carry everything you need to care for your horses and other livestock in the barn.

From pitchforks and wheelbarrows to hobbles and kicking chains, our customers have come to depend on us for everything from common barn equipment to the more obscure barnyard accessories. With brands such as High Country Plastics, Miller Manufacturing, Scenic Road Manufacturing, Tory Leather, and YETI, you know that you are purchasing high quality equipment that is durable and long lasting.

With blinkers and hoods; manure and utility carts; cleaning and deodorizing supplies; flashlights; hobbles and kicking chains; measuring tapes and sticks; neck cradles and bibs; pasture equipment; stable forks and shovels; twitches; wheelbarrows; rodent and pest control options; and other barn equipment; The Cheshire Horse has everything (and more!) that you will ever need.

When it comes to cleaning stalls and pastures, we want to help make this chore almost downright enjoyable. With the right tools, you will find that the work goes quickly and almost has a meditative quality about it. Our selection of ergonomically correct pitchforks, stable forks, and shovels will have you wondering how you ever lived without them.

It's no secret that rodents and other pests like to make their way into your horses' home. Many of these uninvited guests bring diseases and parasites with them. Our extensive line of rodent and pest control products allow you to discourage them, while keeping your equine companions healthy and safe from harm.

If you would like assistance in selecting the right tools and equipment for your stable, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff. With years of experience on the farm and in the saddle, we are uniquely prepared to answer all of your questions.