Hoof Packing & Repair

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23 Results
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Despite the best preventative care, your horse's hooves may need additional assistance to stay healthy and comfortable. Typically when horses become foot-sore or when their hooves begin to crack, our farriers advise us to use horseshoes or hoof boots. Sometimes, however, that is not enough.

Hoof packing is often utilized to cushion sore feet and and protect further injury to the sole. Its benefits don't end there; it is also effective at reducing sole inflammation and retaining moisture in the hoof. We sell an extensive selection of hoof packing and repair materials from trusted companies such as Farnam, Finish Line, Hawthorne, Keratex, and Life Data Labs. You can choose to pack your horse's hooves on a constant basis with the help of your farrier, or you can utilize packing materials temporarily under bandages, hoof boots, or EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape as needed.

Absorbine Magic Cushion Xtreme Hoof Packing and Finish Line Easy Pack Hoof Packing fill the spaces in between hoof pads or hoof boots to give relief to stinging feet and hoof bruises. For quick, short-term relief, the Quilted Poultice Hoof Wraps from Bigeloil allow you to quickly poultice your horse's hooves in a mess-free manner.

If you are looking to toughen up your horse's soles, grab a bottle of Durasole Hoof Toughener. This iodine-based sole dressing is specifically formulated to harden the sole and frog of your horse or pony.

At The Cheshire Horse, we know how important your horse's hooves are. We want to work with you and your farrier to keep your horse happy, healthy, and sound. Consult with our experienced sales staff to see how hoof packing and repair materials can benefit your horse.