Bradoon Bits

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7 Results

The Bradoon, also referred to as a bridoon, is the snaffle bit component of a double bridle. When combined with a curb, known as a Weymouth, the bits become a complete system.

Double bridles are worn by upper level dressage horses, as well saddle seat, hunter pleasure, and show hack horses of breeds such as Morgans, Arabians, and Saddlebreds. When used correctly, double bridles give the rider fine-tuned control, which often results in increased collection and self-carriage of the horse.

When fitting a double bridle to your horse, select the same size mouthpiece as you typically would in the cheek piece style. If you need help determining what size mouthpiece you need, refer to our guide here. The bradoon, a modified snaffle bit, fits above and behind the Weymouth in the horse's mouth.

Carrying the best of Korsteel, Stubben and Shires, we are able to fit a wide variety of horses. With a selection of cheek pieces, such as loose ring and fixed cheek, and a number of mouthpieces, the Cheshire Horse is able to accommodate a number of horses and their needs.

Depending on your bridle, you may need to add a bradoon hanger to hold this second bit. We are proud to carry quality bradoon hangers from Walsh and Bobby's English Tack.

If you have questions about the selecting the right bradoon for your horse or if the bradoon is the right fit for your situation, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you to feel confident in your purchase.