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31 Results
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If your saddle frequently slides back and out of place, your horse may be a candidate for a breastplate. Also referred to as a breastcollar, breaststrap or breastgirth, a breastplate wraps around your horse's chest and attaches to your saddle d-rings and girth, which prevents your saddle from sliding toward your horse's hindquarters.

We carry leather breastplates that are appropriate for English and Western riders from trusted equine brands including Bobby's English Tack, Gatsby, Henri de Rivel, Intrepid International, and Tory Leather. Breastplates with removeable standing martingale attachments are frequently seen in the working hunter arenas; they maintain saddle position while supporting your horse's headset.

A properly adjusted breastplate will fit snugly, but will not inhibit your horse's shoulder movement. Eventers and upper level showjumpers often turn to breastplates that feature elastic panels, which keeps your saddle securely in place while allowing your horse to use himself over the jump.

We also carry synthetic breastplates from Wintec and Zilco. Easy to clean and very durable, they are popular among endurance riders and competitive trail riders who typically spend hours in the saddle.

Utilize a breastplate to keep your saddle properly positioned over the duration of your ride. If you have any questions about the breastplates that we carry or would like assistance selecting the correct size for your horse or pony, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff.