Plush Toys

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130 Results

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide variety of cute and cuddly stuffed toys and plush squeaky toys that are made specifically for dogs. These durable plush dog toys are designed to withstand hours and hours of playtime, unlike a traditional stuffed animal that you may buy for a child. Additionally, they are typically manufactured without plastic eyes or accessories that your dog could nibble off (and which may pose a choking hazard).

We carry an extensive selection of high-quality stuffed dog toys from your favorite pet supply manufacturers, including Zippy Paws, FabDog, All for Paws, Snugarooz, and more! The dog toys are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning we can help you find the perfect toy for your Chihuahua, your Saint Bernard, and any size dog in between! We also carry stuffed animals and squeaky plush toys that are designed to accommodate the needs of extreme chewers -- these toys are built to last!

Plush toys are ideal for giving your puppy or anxious dog a sense of security. Many times, these dogs chose a plush toy that they enjoy both playing with and sleeping with. A soft and cuddly companion is the perfect way to make your next puppy feel right at home.

From dinosaurs and bears to festive holiday characters, we carry stuffed dog toys that will delight both you and your four-legged friends. Does your playful pup love their plush toy? Many dog owners tell us that stuffed toys and squeaker animals are their dog’s favorite toys!