Riding Hoof Boots

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29 Results
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Hoof boots give your horse the support and protection of a horseshoe while providing your horse with the benefits of being barefoot. Many equestrians find that they truly are the best of both worlds. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of hoof boots and hoof boot accessories to ensure that we can fit every hoof and to help your horse travel on even the toughest terrain.

Our inventory of hoof boots, hoof boot studs, hoof boot insoles, and hoof boot gaiters includes all of your favorite equestrian brands such as EasyCare EasyBoots, Cavallo Horse Boots, Shires, and ThinLine. We carry hoof boots in a wide array of sizes, allowing you to outfit your miniature horses, ponies, cobs, horses, and even draft horses in a pair or set of high-quality hoof boots.

In addition to our hoof boots designed for riding and turnout, we also carry hoof boots and boot inserts that are specifically designed to support horses with laminitis or a propensity to founder. Every horse can benefit from a pair of Cavallo Transport Air Regular Sole Hoof Boot that act as a shock absorber while your horse is on the trailer (they can be used with or without horseshoes).

Horses that routinely wear horseshoes can also use hoof boots. Consider keeping a pair on hand in the event that your horse loses a shoe. This allows you to continue riding and training your horse as you await the farrier.

Many equestrians use hoof boots year-round with great success. Learn how hoof boots can benefit your horse in the winter months on our blog post, Conquer Winter Riding with Hoof Boots.

You may be asking, “Is my horse a candidate for hoof boots?” Our friendly and experienced sales staff can help you determine the best hoof boot for your horse as well as walk you through the hoof measurement process. We invite you to contact us today if you have any questions regarding hoof boots or would like assistance making your hoof boot purchase.