Martingale Attachments

10 Results
10 Results

Our selection of martingale attachments buckle or clip directly to your horse's breastplate and act as a running martingale or a standing martingale. These are great options if you have a horse who requires a breastplate to keep the saddle properly positioned and could also use the support of a martingale.

We carry leather running martingale attachments and leather standing martingale attachments from high-quality tack brands including Nunn Finer and Bobby's English Leather. Available in several colors, and both flat and raised leather options, we are able to help you match your horse's bridle and breastplate. We can fit a large variety of horses, with horse, cob, oversized, and pony sizing available.

Martingale attachments are frequently used for schooling; they are also legal whenever their martingale counterparts are in competition. If you have any questions regarding the legality of your tack and equipment, we recommend that you refer to the association's rulebook or speak with a licensed steward.

In addition to our martingale attachments for breastplates, we also carry traditional standing martingales and running martingales.

A martingale attachment allows you to utilize the saddle fit properties of a breastplate and the training assistance of a martingale. If you have questions regarding sizing or would like assistance making your purchase, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.