Poultry Feed

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88 Results

Duck, duck goose! Throw in a chicken and maybe even a turkey, and you’ve got yourself a party. Poultry can be an exciting addition to any backyard or barn. Providing eggs, meat, and hours of amusement, it is really no wonder that raising poultry is becoming increasingly popular with virtually every demographic.

We love farmyard birds at The Cheshire Horse, and we carry a full and extensive line of poultry feed and supplies . With brands such as Manna Pro, Purina Mills, Kalmbach Feeds, Nutrena, and New Country Organics, we have poultry feed to support your chickens, turkeys, guinea hens, ducks, geese, and quail through all of their life stages. From chicks to layers, and even roosters, our extensive product line can fit all of your needs. We even have grain for your pet pigeons!

Looking to give your flock a little bit of extra love? In typical Cheshire Horse fashion, we have more poultry treats than you can shake your tail feathers at. With delicious dried mealworms from Mealworm to Go and healthy Pullet Together treats (complete with oyster shell and sunflower seeds) from Treats for Chickens, you know that your birds will be clucking for more. Make your coop and nesting boxes even more inviting with Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs, which provide an healthy, aromatically pleasing for your poultry.

We may be named The Cheshire Horse, but our friendly sales staff have extensive poultry experience as well. Consult with them to select the right poultry feed for your flock and watch them flourish.