Coop Bedding

13 Results
13 Results

Bedding is an important piece of the equation when it comes to the overall health of your chickens. In the coop, bedding provides a cushion for your chickens as well as a way to control manure. In nesting boxes, it gives eggs a soft landing before you collect them for your breakfast.

We offer a wide variety of bedding options. Shavings, such as Kaytee Pine Bedding & Litter and Manna Pro Fresh Flakes Premium Poultry Bedding, are known for being soft and absorbent. Koop Clean is a high-temperature dried, chopped straw mixed with a zeolite Sweet PDZ for odor control, which is highly suitable for deep litter method bedding.

We also carry a number of products to help you control ammonia and other odors in your coop. Fun fact: many people associate ammonia with urine, but it is also found in high concentrations in manure. Ammonia can damage the respiratory system of your chickens (and you!). Odor-No-More Bedding Deodorizer Additive, Chick Flic Odor Eliminator, and Sani-Care Odor Control can help you avoid respiratory distress in your poultry while providing them with a more pleasant environment. These easy-to-use products can be mixed in with your bedding for maximum effect.

Don't forget about what happens to your bedding after it leaves the coop. Many of our customers choose to compost the manure and bedding, as it makes an incredible fertilizer for both your flower and vegetable gardens.

When it comes to to bedding for your chickens, there a numerous options to help you control moisture, manure, and odors in the coop. Our experienced sales staff can assist you in selecting the right bedding material for you and your flock, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask how we can help you.