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226 Results
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Browsing for a new browband? Or perhaps a cavesson, drop noseband, or a new pair of reins? When you shop at The Cheshire Horse you will be amazed at the selection of quality English bridles and bridle accessories available. With a variety of price points, and for a number of disciplines - including hunter, jumper, dressage, pleasure riding, trail riding, and more - you will be sure to find an English bridle to suit your style.

We make it easy to find a perfect fit, with a variety of sizes in stock including pony, cob, horse, warmblood - and even draft sizes in some bridles! We have a large selection of bridles for sale, including double bridles, dressage bridles, figure 8 bridles, flash bridles, hunter bridles, and alternative bridles.

Among our selection of alternative bridles is the Rambo Micklem Bridle from Horseware. This revolutionary bridle was designed to comfortably fit the shape of a horse's skull and avoid putting pressure on the sensitive areas like the nose and cheekbones. The noseband and back straps are designed to avoid the protruding molar teeth, so sensitive tissue inside the horse's mouth isn't damaged, providing a more humane way to communicate with your horse. We also have the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle, which comes in leather or biothane.

Eloquent and stylish are the new dressage double bridles, with intricate detailing in their browbands to show off your horse's head. Or shop for a perfect every day schooling bridle from Gatsby, or Nunn Finer. Bobby's English Tack offers many options for bridle parts as well as complete bridles with reins. Check out this quick snap raised bridle from Bobby's; it makes training multiple horses a breeze!

If you are looking to update an older bridle, or even build your own custom English bridle, you can do so with bridle parts from brands you can trust, including, G. Passier & Sohn, Henri de Rivel,Smith Worthington, Stubben, Horze, KL Select, and more.

We also have a variety of reins, including webbed reins, rubber reins, laced reins, plain reins, and plaited reins - or shop for the popular rainbow training rein. Our elaborate selection of browbands will allow you to personalize any bridle with elegance.