Cargo Trailers

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2 Results

Enclosed cargo trailers are indispensable when it comes to many activities. Not only do they allow you to move cargo in a secure fashion - without risk of theft, water damage, or excess dirt - they also provide excellent storage space when not in use.

Available from Nitro, these versatile trailers are popular among contractors, farriers, farmers, and homeowners alike. With a myriad of options available, including color, height, length, and deck height, it is easy to understand why lightweight aluminum cargo trailers are among the most popular on our lot.

Interior electric LED lights to ensure that you can keep an eye on your cargo, while the leaf spring suspension provides a smooth ride. When it comes to cargo trailers, they are available with virtually any number of customizations to the trailer size, axles and wheels, color, interior, and accessories.

Most of the trailers we stock at The Cheshire Horse can be customized to your needs, so contact our trailer sales staff at 1-877-358-3001 or [email protected] to get started on building your next trailer.