Synthetic Stirrup Leathers

8 Results
8 Results
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Extremely durable and easy to care for, many equestrians use synthetic English stirrup leathers. Available in a number of colors and styles, we carry dressage synthetic stirrup leathers and hunter/jumper synthetic stirrup leathers.


We carry a curated collection of beta stirrup leathers and synthetic stirrup leathers from trusted equestrian brands, including Wintec, RHE Equestrian, WOW Saddlery, Tekna Saddlery, and Tough1. These vegan stirrup leathers use no animal byproducts.


When purchasing stirrup leathers, it is essential to order the correct size. Traditionally, adults ride in a 54-inch hunter/jumper leather or a 60-inch dressage leather. If the rider is petite or has long legs, it is appropriate to order shorter or longer leathers, respectively. We also carry an assortment of children’s synthetic stirrup leathers.


Although synthetic leathers are generally more durable and last longer than their traditional leather counterparts, it is still essential to check them for signs of wear before you mount up. Look for loose stitching, cracks, and splits which indicate that your leathers are in need of repair or replacement.


It is generally recommended that synthetic stirrup leathers are paired with a synthetic saddle, as there is a slight chance that they may scratch or damage a leather saddle.


From trail rides and training rides to clinics and horse shows, your new pair of synthetic stirrup leathers will accompany you on every equestrian adventure. If you have questions about the synthetic leathers we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff with years of hands-on horse experience.