Pony Bridles

6 Results
6 Results

Looking for the perfect bridle to fit your pony? Good quality pony-size bridles can be hard to come by, especially since ponies come in so many sizes! Getting a good fit can often be hard to achieve when you don't have many options to choose from.

The Cheshire Horse conveniently offers many bridles in pony-specific sizes to suit your needs. We carry bridles from brands like Waldhausen and Gatsby that offer great quality on a low budget - especially excellent choices if you're shopping for your child's first bridle.

We also offer top quality pony-sized English bridles from Bobby's English Tack. Choose from Bobby's raised and braided leather options, in black or brown, to find the perfect, expertly crafted bridle for your pony.

Still having trouble with fit? Looking to customize or "bling" your pony's bridle? Shop our wide selection of bridle parts to build your ideal bridle, and don't forget to pick out the perfect bit!

If you're shopping for your child or a beginner rider, you may also consider grabbing a pair of Kincade Rainbow Reins to help them learn how to achieve good contact with their pony's mouth.