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A feed bag, also referred to as a nosebag or morral, is a convenient way to ensure that your horse is receiving his or her ration of grain and supplements at feeding time. Typically used when horses are in a pasture with other horses, feed bags attach to your horse's face via a strap over the poll so that your horse munch away to his heart's content.

When feeding a herd of horses, feed bags are an essential piece of equine equipment. They make dinner time less stressful on the horses, since they each know that they are the only one that has access to their grain. Because the grain is not spread on the ground, feed bags lessen the likelihood of sand colic and limit the amount of the grain waste. Many barn owners utilize feeding bags because they make it easy to monitor grain intake and prevent equine obesity.

We carry high-quality nylon feed bags from trusted equine brands including Best Friend and Cashel. Synthetic fabrics are very durable and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for feed bags. The bags that we stock feature breakaway straps and ventilation mesh for safety. We have a feedbag to fit every horse, with draft, horse, pony, and miniature horse sizes available.

Feed bags can also be helpful for equestrians on the go. They make it easy to feed your horse grain while on the road or at rest stops. Many trail riders, competitive trail riders, and endurance riders use feed bags to feed their mounts when camping overnight with them.

Consider adding a feed bag to your feeding routine. In addition to adding convenience, they also have surprising health benefits for herds of horses out on pasture. If you have questions regarding the feed bags that we carry or would like assistance choosing the right size feed bag for your horse, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.