Udder Care

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15 Results
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At The Cheshire Horse, we carry everything that you need to properly care for your livestock. For our customers with dairy animals, our inventory includes a full selection of udder care products. 

Prior to the milking process, it is important to clean the udders properly. This ensures that the milk is not contaminated and that the milking machinery does not harbor extra bacteria. Typically, dairy farmers use iodine for this purpose. Iodine also helps to clean any small cuts or lacerations and prevent infections from occurring. We carry iodine-based cleaners from many trusted livestock health manufacturers, including Aspen Veterinary Resources and North Country Dairy Supply. We also carry easy-to-use teat wipes that contain Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG), which makes it easy to sanitize during the pre-milking and post-milking process.

Sometimes the consistent cleaning and the repetitive motions of milking can lead to chapped and bloody udders on both milking cows and goats. The use of an udder balm will help to moisturize the teats and keep the delicate skin soft and pliable. Try using the perennial favorites, Bag Balm, Original Skin Moisturizer, and Dr. Naylor Udder Balm, or try some of the other popular udder care products from trusted manufacturers, such as DurVet, Cotran, or Redmond Equine.