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Performance boots, also known as Sports Medicine Boots (SMBs) or support boots, provide support and protection against impact for your horse's legs. Designed with a strap underneath the fetlock (often referred to as the suspensory strap), these boots absorb the shock of your horse's movement and minimize the chance of your horse's tendons and ligaments overextending.

We carry performance boots from trusted equestrian brands including Tough-One and Professionals Choice. Many gymkhana riders, reiners, horsemanship riders, and western pleasure riders use SMBs when schooling to prevent injury. Often made of quality neoprene, these boots conform to your horse's legs quickly, with virtually no break-in time. The durable material will not absorb water, making them idea for riding in wet or muddy conditions. This also makes them extremely easy to care for; you can simply hose them off and hang to dry after your ride. Available in a number of sizes, we have sports medicine boots for small ponies, cobs, horses, and draft horses.

The Sports Medicine Boots from Back on Tack contain their innovative WELLTEX fabric within the lining of the boot. This increases the blood flow to the area and has been shown to decrease inflammation and support healing. These are a great option if your horse has weak tendons, windpuffs, or arthritis in the fetlock joint.

You may be asking, "Should my horse wear performance boots?" Learn more about the various types of equine legwear and their applications on our blog, Horse Boots & Wraps. For additional information about any of the performance boots that we cover or for assistance making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced equestrian sales staff.